Old Enamel Mugs


 Stir your imagination

These traditional enamel mugs have been used by bush men, shearers, stockmen and swagmen for that quenching cuppa tea at smoko or a shot of Rum to keep them warm under the stars at night.

Today these mugs are favoured by bikers, campers, hikers and the Australian troops as an  unbreakable drinking utensil.

EtchinArt can deeply etch images, logos and custom text down to the metal yet our sealing technique prevents rust and can include a painted rustic finish.
The etching produces a higher standard product than the normal printed mug. The textured finish  captures your attention every time you touch it.

Did You Know...
Etching originated in the middle ages as a way to decorate guns and armour used in battles.

Sample products include:
• Enamel mugs
• Enamel plates 
• Poem mugs
• Australiana mugs
• Army mugs


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