​   Tattoo Your Metal 

Our mission is to specialise in creating unique designs to compliment and personalise your auto parts.

EtchinArt can etch:

Stainless Steel – as this metal is extremely hard our technique involves frosting the polished surface to produce a permanent tattoo

Alloy – this metal can vary in its density, we can either frost the surface or depending on the type of alloy used we can gain some depth to the design

Chrome – chrome is hard plating covering a treated base metal. The designs can be frosted or cut straight down to the metal and then can be two pack auto paint filled.

Customised designs may have the choice of being colour paint filled, however areas exposed to extreme heat will have a limited colour option.

Produce a lasting impression on your motorbike.

Contact Kev to discuss your ideas

 Ph: 0418 382 446